The Axe of Kolt [8-bit versions]

by Larry Horsfield profile

Episode 1 of The Adventures of Alaric Blackmoon

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- AMG, June 2, 2021

- Targor (Germany), April 23, 2021

- <blank>, November 25, 2015

- Ghalev (Northern Appalachia, United States), June 28, 2010


"The imagination and thought thatís gone into the puzzles makes the game enjoyably frustrating ó if you know what I mean. Youíll need lateral thinking by the bucketful. Even objects you may think have served their use may be needed for a completely different purpose later on. Axe of Kolt is a little gem ó the best adventure Iíve played this year."

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"From the start I made a couple of moves and with the experience of years of adventuring behind me immediately found myself outside the Dragonslayer's Arms. The bad news was that it was shut, so I wandered off again, found myself a clapper without a bell and returned to the pub just in time to give the landlord a helping hand. This earned me a bed for the night, a meal and all the ale I could sup. This is the life!"

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