The Adventures of the President of the United States

by Mikko Vuorinen


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Nice big idea, impeachable details, January 4, 2023
by Andrew Schultz (Chicago)

The idea behind the game is wonderful--the President escapes from his boring job in the White House and visits various countries. Only the big ones, plus Finland and Sweden, get a room. The puzzles are apolitical and silly, and they are generally funny once you figure them out. APUS also gives many funny default responses and "You can't go that way" replacements.

Unfortunately, it's not big enough ("South America's not interesting,") and it neve builds on the gags. The few puzzles that veer from recognizing gently amusing stereotypes are poorly cued. While there's no guess-the-verb, there's plenty of trivial commands semi-logically changing the environment, or the effect of other trivial commands.

There's such a contrast between what you do to leave the White House (nothing unclean, but imagining ANY recent President doing this makes me giggle) and explaining that the White House is pretty boring, and you're bored, except for some generic details, that the game feels grossly unpolished.

This is too bad, because I don't think an American could make a game like this, with such a neat title, and stay apolitical. And yet, the author couldn't be expected to know that a West Wing would make the opening puzzle a lot better.

So, more countries and better descriptions--the potential's there, as I enjoyed many quips and default command responses--would've made this game memorable for more than the title and opportunities missed. Not that I regret playing it. I enjoyed filling in the details I wished the game had, but others may just get exasperated.

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Danielle, November 29, 2010 - Reply
Sounds like this would be worth an upgraded release by the author. I'm glad you wrote this, this isn't a sort of game I think I'd normally pick up.
Andrew Schultz, November 30, 2010 - Reply
Glad I could bring the game to your attention--I seem to learn more from the middling mediocre games than the big ones at this point and often don't have time for a big game. And I was just interested by the title and other stuff the author wrote. He's been gone a few years now so a revamp is not likely, but given his other titles I'm just really curious about what they're about.
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