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About the Story

Sometimes when darkness calls, you must answer...

This story is definitely more "story" than "game", however there are two distinct paths that can be followed, each with their own pitfalls and additional choices. There is also "one true" ending in which can be considered a "win" (You'll know if you got it, because you'll get an epilogue)

This story can get long, and assuming you're surviving, years do pass in it and you and your environment will change. There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people and things. While not completely necessary to understand the story, they do give you more insight into it. The text that accompanies some of the pics are also done for similar purposes (Your journal entries, personal thoughts, letters written to you, etc)

Additional notes: Mature themes and language. (rated R). Approximate word count 75,000

(If you enjoyed this you should take a look at Death Song, a standalone companion piece set during the same time period in the same setting.)

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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
A Certified Classic, December 10, 2020
by Tim (California)

To start things off, if you've never read any other story by Endmaster, this is a good one to start with. Several of his other stories have references to/are interconnected with this story.

Shared universe aside, the story on it's own is a masterclass in dark fantasy. Several endings where you just perish in different ways due to a simple mistake, or others where the choices you make result in a downer, grim ending possibly worse than death. I mean, the "True" ending results in (Spoiler - click to show)The Necromancer being the last living thing on the planet, having killed (directly or indirectly) everything else, and being invited to a new world to be an all-powerful being of death. That's pretty dark. And it's written perfectly.

The story is written in such a way that really makes you sympathize with The Necromancer. By name, the villain of the story. The writing was so convincing that, by the end of the story, in the before mentioned "True" ending, I did not feel that the Necromancer did anything wrong. He clearly did, because he (Spoiler - click to show)pretty much eradicated all life in the world, but the writing made it feel like a natural course of action with rational decision-making. It just made sense, in the moment.

To end things, and as it should be with choice-based games, this story deserves multiple playthroughs. It is actually worth going through and seeing every ending, for how well they're all written, and just how varied each one is. Really just get the full 75k word experience. A great story, and a perfect introduction to some of Endmaster's other stories.

The only bad thing I can say about this story is that I cannot read it for the first time again.

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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
A pinnacle power trip game, and true classic, December 15, 2020

Read Necromancer

Necromancer is a fantastic game that lets the player lead a journey to becoming as bad as they can be. It has some dead ends, but they fork for a while off of the "true" ending and are satisfying and varied. Events are consistent between branches.

In short, this is a long and addicting power trip with a few majorly different paths. The narration is good, the spelling and grammar don't get in the way, and this is one of my all-time favorite stories. The main story arc lasted over an hour; I spent between 2 and 3 to explore the game in its entirety. The game starts off with the character (Spoiler - click to show)making a major presence in the world, then goes on to a (Spoiler - click to show)political game of how the character will conquer the rest, after having released some infernal competing threats.

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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
An EndMaster classic, January 15, 2021

This is one of those games where you play a complete and total monster. Sure you have feelings but not like normal people. Play Death's Song if you want to see what it's like to be on the other side of this story.

Necromancer is about a guy that's pretty useless in just about any branch of magic that isn't a forbidden one. He has no luck with women and no real talent to speak of. One day he finds himself in the midst of an undead and demon rebellion. The forces of good stand against him.

Now because this is a CYOA style game what happens next is up to you, the reader. So why don't you find this game and let the site you found it on know if you enjoyed it or not.

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