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Questionnaire, by Stephen Lavelle   January 18, 2021
"I don't see the point of this, as Ogre pointed out. Even if the author were to be collecting data(which this is the wrong site for),..." - See the full review

Sickness, by Stephen Lavelle   January 18, 2021
"This time, the author actually wrote more words, it changes nothing, though. Story: You are sick. you make appointments with doctors to..." - See the full review

Detective Clean, by Stephen Lavelle   January 18, 2021
"Similar to the other pieces of "interactive fiction" created by this author, it holds barely anything. Story: A basic, disgusting attempt..." - See the full review

Place and Time, by Stephen Lavelle   January 18, 2021
"So. There are 4-ish rooms with the same 4 choices. No story, no puzzle, not even an attempt to be "philosophical". I could make this in..." - See the full review

Delve!, by BerkaZerka   January 1, 2021
"Delve is something you expect to see on a website full of flash games, and it's that one dungeon crawler that you just keep coming back..." - See the full review

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