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Umm... Okay, October 27, 2020

How can I sum up what I just played in the last 10 minutes? Hmm. Well, I clicked on a bunch of blue hyper-links in the text of a parser IF piece. I followed a protagonist I didn't know much about (Spoiler - click to show) quickly turning into a monster.

Putting myself in the author's shoes, it feels like some short stories I've pumped out just to keep the creative juices flowing. But ones that I ultimately never published or shared. It feels like it was done more for the creator than for the audience.

The biggest flaw is that the reader is supposed to instantly care about what happens to the main character, but I found no reason to. There was nothing to make me care about anyone in this story.

If this was the ending of a story where we had spent time building relationships with these characters it could have had a massive impact. That's my biggest issue with this game. Given more time and attention, this idea could have made a great finale, but instead it feels like it's over before it starts.