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Immersive little survival game, December 23, 2016
by streever (America)

This work is a blend of survival game and classic Choose Your Own Adventure; there are multiple bad endings, and it's easy to get them. Thankfully the built in save/load feature makes it fairly easy to save often.

One of the more interesting experiments in this piece is the use of a timer to hide color changes to the links. The sense of urgency or pressure this applies keeps the reader moving forward briskly, possibly to a bad end, which feels apt for the genre.

This is a dark work: the option exists to try to kill nearly everyone you meet, although I didn't take it whenever narratively possible. The piece works as a kind of homage to the setting and scenery of McCarthy's The Road, but without the underlying theme of fathers and sons.

Music and sound effects are used well to create an immersive atmosphere. This was a good effort and struck a nice balance in emulating the survival game genre.

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OurJud, December 23, 2016 - Reply
Thank you for playing and for the review. Very much appreciated.
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