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Too short an no 'moon feeling', October 10, 2019
by Krizz (Frankfurt, Germany)

I was quite happy to find this title because I'm still wating for a game set up on moon, with moon buggys, dangerous craters, a moon base - stuff like that.

The game started, I draw the first box of my map and 30 minutes and another three more boxes later the game was finished. No buggy (well, not one you can drive), no crater, no rocket, no (human) moon base.

Even if the (only one) puzzle is set up nicely, you know what to do right after the beginning because you are told by your own thoughts (meaning that you can read your thoughts in one of the first paragraphs). It would be fine for a warm up but when expecting your first points you are told, that you won.

Just when you get familiar with the game it ends and I think, it should have deserved more places to explore and more puzzles.

But still, if you just have 30 mins it's worth to play Moonwrecked.

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Denk, October 10, 2019 - Reply
You could check out "Magnetic Moon". It is long and puzzly.
Krizz, October 11, 2019 - Reply
Thank you very much for this advise, I'll try this next :-)
Andrew Schultz, October 10, 2019 - Reply
I didn't realize they'd collaborated on more than One Eye Open.

The ABOUT command mentions the game is Speed-IF from PAX East Boston back in 2009 (!), and I suppose it would be helpful to have that tagged on IFDB, so I'll do that now.
Krizz, October 11, 2019 - Reply
Ok, I thought of something like Speed IF but it's not mentioned 'anywhere'.
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