Fabricationist DeWit Remakes the World

by Jedediah Berry profile

Science Fiction

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my favourite text adventure, December 10, 2017
by LatinAlice (Canada)

"Fabricationist, what has happened while you slumbered?"
This is a story about remaking the world.

Normally stasis pods and great crystal spires are not my thing, but this is sci-fi I can get behind. You - the Fabricationist, a synthetic being - wake after a long slumber. There are systems to be repaired, memories just out of reach - and suddenly a strange visitor.

The visual styling & sound design of the game pair beautifully with the text. This game isn't so much about choices leading to branching paths - it's more about solving problems and slowly working your way toward the end. It's paced well, and requires enough action to keep you engaged.

I love the atmosphere, the gameplay, the story. And I love that I feel transported to a different world, one that is somehow crumbling and shimmering all at once. Highly recommend.