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A fantasy game about womanhood and abuse, April 16, 2016

In this game, you take a metaphorical journey through a fantasy land that you have created to avoid your abusive father.

At first, I was intimidated, and stuck to the walkthrough straight to the ending. I found the game intriguing as it dealt with blood, innocence, betrayal, and basically a lot of metaphors about women and femininity (such as a unicorn you can kill or help, a female vampires, and so on).

Afterwards, I heard there were several endings. I tried to find hints on them, but finally I had to just look for myself. And it wasn't hard to find a lot; many people give you quests, and if you finish them, you get an ending.

Some events were traumatic (like a (Spoiler - click to show)rape, not in the walkthrough) and others were mysterious.

The implementation is spotty in places.

Excellent game. Highly recommended.

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Victor Gijsbers, March 20, 2021 - Reply
I found three endings connected to the three corners of the map:

(Spoiler - click to show)Bringing the unicorn to the prince gives you a vapid, sterile fairytale marriage. The path of the walkthrough leads to the forest burning down and you escaping back into reality. Getting all the ingredients for the recipe allows you to join the matriarchal village and become a Mother. Also, in the very beginning you can go back to your father, but that's more a quick loss than a real ending.

I was sort of thinking, especially because of the title of the game, that these would then also be the only three endings. But I clearly didn't see all you saw, because I didn't come across that particularly bad event you mention in your spoiler tag. Do you remember what other paths there were?

This game needs a David Welbourn walkthrough!
MathBrush, March 20, 2021 - Reply
I don't even remember how to get the event I mentioned. I'd love to see a walkthrough by him!
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