Miss No-Name

by Bellamy Briks


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Breezy and good-natured, April 10, 2021
by Mike Russo (Los Angeles)
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So this is the second entry from Bellamy Briks, and in a completely different development system (this oneís Twine, while Heroes! was Quest), which shows some impressive versatility. Though the settings are also quite distinct Ė weíre in a contemporary high school, not fairytale high fantasy Ė the vibe is once again high-energy and enthusiastic. This extends to the appealing visual presentation, which is all bright color and emphatic text effects (no drawings this time), as well as the prose, which is again appealingly bubbly. Structurally speaking, Miss No-Name isnít a time cave and is actually fairly linear, though there are a couple of branches depending on your choices, and seven different endings; since itís a short game, itís easy to reach all of them, and while there are maybe only really three distinctly different ways the story can wind up, itís zippy enough that I was glad to be a completionist.

Itís hard to talk too much about the story without spoiling it Ė the setup is that youíre the coolest kid in school, and youíve taken a bet to learn the name of the mysterious new girl who just enrolled mid-year. For the most part this plays out about how youíd expect, with your choices either offering different strategies to pursue your goal, or giving you the option of having the main character stick to the bet or start to develop a real friendship with Miss No-Name. While thereís the possibility of a couple of different twists depending on how you play things, the game doesnít have anything especially surprising in story Ė but thatís OK. Its strengths are using breezy prose (I loved all the little asides about how cool of a guy the main character is) to create a fun, relaxing mood, rather than in ratcheting up high drama. The mystery of Miss No-Name is mostly an excuse to hang out in this pleasant world, which is no bad thing.