how do i love you?

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A little too close to home, not really though, April 1, 2024

Okay. I have to disagree with my own title for this review. It's not even close to home for me. I've never dated anyone. I can't say I've had that kind of argument. So no it isn't close to home.

But I know it is the kind of thing that will probably happen to me one day. I won't go into too much detail because that's personal and also insensitive, as I'm aware I can be without knowing. I am very close to removing this part of the review anyway.

This game loaded the UI in a way that felt familiar and also very clever. Easy to understand, and not hard to read or anything.

Now onto the subject matter. The game is based in the idea of a breakup. But a hard one. There are no choices but it felt right for the style of game. Although I'm very certain much of this was very very closely based off of real chats, I have to say it's very realistic and it's really clever. The breakup was emotional to me, and nothing was ever loose or difficult to use or boring. Everything perfect - which, sure, isn't how real life works, but in this gane there is no waiting that you want to be doing.

Though it was certainly understandable matter and some sharp words were brought from the offending side, nobody was not understood. Each person in the whole forum had a personality. Each person had their own way of expressing things and reacted differently to events. Nobody felt like they had no reason for anything that they said (although some people had much less justification than others, it seems). I know this all sounds redundant since most of it is probably an edited version of what really happened, I can't stress enough how much I felt with this one.

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