No Earthly Use

by Greg Ewing


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Use fingers on keyboard, March 24, 2024

I played this game because it was the only entry in UseComp, and I was curious what gameplay would be like with "use" as the only verb. It turned out to be... mostly annoying, to be honest. This is a short game with a brief plot and brief descriptions, but having to type "use eyes on [noun]" every time I wanted to examine something made it feel much more convoluted than it was, and got old pretty fast. Nothing particularly clever was done with the limitation, nor was any in-game reason given; it was just a straight-up reframing of every standard command with "use" instead.

The best part to me was the mini mystery and the architecture theme (the plot is (Spoiler - click to show)finding and freeing the trapped ghost of Sir Christopher Wren, who the architecture-obsessed former owner of the old house you're exploring had summoned).

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