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An amazing experience, August 16, 2018

This game is a sci-fi/horror piece about a war against a swarm of mechanised roaches. You play as the driver of Mama Possum, which is the name for the weaponised vehicle you're controlling.

The graphics are beautiful and I especially liked the part where the roaches faded in and out. The interface, however, isn't very intuitive in my opinion. It took me a while to realise how the buttons work, which I initially thought were backwards/forwards buttons.

The tightness of writing is what really stands out to me. The voice of the narrator is a markedly local one, carrying a strong undercurrent of pride for her hometown that is reinforced by the frequent references to Arkansas. This combined with writing that is not overly descriptive does an excellent job at characterising the narrator while helping the plot advance.

The length is perfect, complementing the tightness of writing. The game gives snapshots of the narrator's background in the midst of the action, which is also a snapshot of the fight.

Great game overall.