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Interactive Fiction by Kevin Snow

Beneath Floes, by Bravemule; Pinnguaq (2015)
(13 ratings)
Qikiqtaaluk, 1962. The sun falls below the horizon and won't return for months. You wander the broken shoreline, wary of your mother's stories about the qalupalik. Fish woman, stealer of wayward...

Mama Possum, by Bravemule (2017)
(5 ratings)
Two sisters, a truck driver and a housewife, fend off a Kaiju apocalypse in the Great Smoky Mountains with their mech Mama Possum.

The Domovoi, by Bravemule (2014)
(7 ratings)
Your friend, a folk storyteller, has offered to perform her latest work. As her audience, it is your task to advise how her tale should unfold.

The Price of Loss, by Kevin Snow, Failbetter Games (2018)
Enter a tent where the lost, the grieving and the wounded gather. Share their stories, enter their dreams, and reveal the truth behind their healing rituals. Is the medicine really better than the...

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Reviews by Kevin Snow

What Isn't Saved (will be lost), by Cat Manning   March 12, 2018
"Disclaimer: I'm friends with everyone credited on this game, and married to the sound designer, so I'm as far from unbiased as one can..." - See the full review