by John Evans


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An ambitious, flawed fantasy game about being able to create anything, May 16, 2016

John Evans creates games that are very ambitious but generally not thoroughly tested. This gane, though, I really enjoyed.

You are a spirit summoned to a floating magic castle island. You can create anything! Well, actually, you can create whatever the author implemented. You are presented with six challenges, and have to guess what to create. I beat about 3 and a half on my own. At least one depends on you seeing something not in the room descriotion, which I thought was unfair.

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Impossible to complete, October 31, 2007
by Nusco (Bologna, Italy)
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An interesting "create" command lures you into fantasy B-games hell. Missing item desciptions and increasingly random story elements make this one involutarily humorous. It can be completed by using ESP or a walkthrough.

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