The Eleusinian Miseries

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Alcibiades, you old rogue ... , December 8, 2020
by DoctorFury (Ohio)

Isn't it funny how the AAA Assassin's Creed: Odyssey brought Alcibiades back to the minds of modern players, and now he appears deliciously in this game as the instigator of all the protagonist's mayhem? I LOVED this game: erudite, camp, a wicked mix of actual proposed Greek historical events with lingo from a cliched Eton. The plot traipsed along, chaos was merry and perpetual, and the author never let a line drop--the voice was consistently hilarious. I only found one gamebreaking code error (Spoiler - click to show)(don't drop the amphora in the garden and try to pick it up again), and there were no guess-the-verbs that I could find, despite what another reviewer suggested. A quick Google cleared up any unknown Greek, which I think is acceptable in modern gaming.

An evening well spent. If I have any criticism, it is that the puzzles were fairly one note, simple steps, with no real deductive pressure on the player. Look forward to more games from this author in future!

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Mike Russo, December 7, 2020 - Reply
Thanks for the review! You are more right than you know with your AC: Odyssey comment -- that was indeed the specific germ for this idea (I wrote a way-too-long post-mortem in case you're interested in exhaustive detail on the game's origins).

Sorry you ran into that bug! I fixed it in a mid-Comp update, but still need to figure out how to get that updated version publicly available now that the Comp is over...

Again, cheers for the review and glad you enjoyed it!
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