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I wish I had IF accomplishments. Like most people wandering through the fifth decade of their life, I got my start on Tandy 1000 Infocom games; they were the highlight of every birthday and Hannukah. I ran a BBS, I learned Inform and TADS and Adrift . . and BASIC, and VBasic, and JAVA, and HTML/XML, and SQL. I built a programming life with fantasies of game-authorship. But then I went to medical school and life moved on. I'm a big lover of IF Comp entries, and I worship Emily Short (I think it's not possible to NOT worship her). Play and write on, my friends. I will always be in your audience.

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Vain Empires, by Thomas Mack and Xavid   December 11, 2020
"I think of Ian Tregellis' Something More Than Night mixed with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as the premise for this adventure: a..." - See the full review

The Eleusinian Miseries, by Mike Russo   December 8, 2020
"Isn't it funny how the AAA Assassin's Creed: Odyssey brought Alcibiades back to the minds of modern players, and now he appears..." - See the full review

Tavern Crawler, by Josh Labelle   December 7, 2020
"Much enjoyment to be had with this low fantasy RPG-lite Twine adventure. Well written, campy, and while no characters had serious depth,..." - See the full review

Babyface, by Mark Sample   December 7, 2020
"As experimental interactive fiction written in Twine, this is a work of genius across several elements: the ambient music and sounds, the..." - See the full review

Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry   December 7, 2020
"So I played the original Anchorhead the year it came out, and then just finished the 2018 Steam release on my Mac ten minutes ago. It's a..." - See the full review

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Babyface, by Mark Sample
Sorcery! 3, by Steve Jackson and inkle
Sorcery! 2, by Steve Jackson and inkle
Sorcery!, by Steve Jackson and inkle
Beyond Zork, by Brian Moriarty

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