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Creepy or not, here I come, you can't hide. , December 7, 2020
by DoctorFury (Ohio)

As experimental interactive fiction written in Twine, this is a work of genius across several elements: the ambient music and sounds, the imagery, and the pace of the authorship are extremely good. It's NOT a game, and that's ok, but it is also incomplete, in my opinion, as a story. There are great horror elements here, and the exposition to climax is good. If I nitpick, it's the inclusion of "creepy Latin," which is a bit lazy: (Spoiler - click to show) episcopi vagantes? Why? A very contentious and troublesome but decided unmysterious piece of Catholic history that ultimately has nothing to do with the climax. Also, including the Klan reference and then a further white hood would be scarier if I understood why on earth the Klan was present in this story.. Instead of eerie alt-language play that does not circle back to the plot in any way, we could have had more story.