POV: You're a Teenage Girl in a Conservative Christian Family

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Harsh reality for so many, November 14, 2023
by Sean Huxter (Massachusetts)
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I was not raised by any kind of Conservative family. Ours was a church-going family, but never pushed it on anyone, including me. But in the same town we had a church that was much more fundamentalist, and without mentioning the denomination, we had a joke: "Why does [religion x] object to sex standing up? Because it could lead to dancing."

So while I have not been raised this way, I know people who were, and I have nothing but heartfelt sympathy for them. The limitations placed on them must make growing into adulthood very very hard.

This is a fairly simple story, but when you play through, you can see the point being driven home almost immediately, and with every choice you click. And even more story is told through your LACK of options, often.

Hard to acknowledge that this may be the life of someone you know or love, and often, you might have no idea.

Take the time and play through. It's not long, and well worth your time.

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