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I'm a busy guy, I caught the IF bug during the heyday when a friend bought a Commodore 64, and I set it up for him. Later that night he called me in a panic - I can't get the trunk open in the tent! What? I said... I'm in the Egyptian desert, and I can't get the trunk open, you have to come over right away. I did. He was playing "Infidel" and I got the trunk open in minutes, but I didn't leave for hours. Since then I've done way too much to put here, including graphics, game writing, professional game development, 3D animation, IF writing (Piracy 2.0, The Promise, and now Put-Peep(tm) so far... more to come.) And that's just a tiny bit about me.

To know more about me, you can check out my WordPress site:

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Interactive Fiction by Sean Huxter

Piracy 2.0, by Sean Huxter (2008)
(14 ratings)

Admiral Copeland entrusted you with a mission to bring a pirate to trial. En-route the pirate's band attacks, boards your ship and kills your crew, throwing you into the brig. But you're not going...

Put-Peep(tm), by Sean Huxter (2023)
(4 ratings)
A brief interactive autobiography by Sean Huxter The rules are simple. Someone hides the Peep(tm). It's your turn to find it. Then you Put-Peep(tm) the next person on the list. You're it, and you...

The Promise, by Sean Huxter (2011)
(9 ratings)
Your village lives a harsh life of perpetual winter and has for as long as you can remember. As a young boy unable to go on the hunt, you may find that, with almost everyone away, you can be of...

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Reviews by Sean Huxter

POV: You're a Teenage Girl in a Conservative Christian Family, by alyshkalia   November 14, 2023
"I was not raised by any kind of Conservative family. Ours was a church-going family, but never pushed it on anyone, including me. But in..." - See the full review

the mountain is as it always was, by christine mi   November 14, 2023
"First, let me say that the one-bit art brought me back to my roots, drawing on my Commodore 64. Simple but effective imagery that evokes..." - See the full review

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