by Stacy Cowley

Episode 6 of IF Arcade
Game/Science Fiction

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For what it is..., December 11, 2014

...I suppose it's not bad, taking into consideration the source material. More could of been done with it, but at the same time it I'm glad it didn't.

Writing is decent, and gameplay is minimal. The gag only lasts for so long until you find yourself sighing wondering if it will be like the arcade game... AN ENDLESS ONSLAUGT.

The only saving grace I found for this title was the fact that I absolutely love the Namco original (and most ports) and found the take amusing... and it's short.

For what it is; I commend the effort. But I don't recommend this title, unless you're curious about it. OR, you're planning to create your own fanmade IF/TA based off an arcade game to grab ideas and see what Cowley has done right and done wrong in this title.

Other than that... meh...