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I'll probably write some reviews to the games on this site as I get myself reacquainted with Text Adventures (seeing how I haven't played in quite some time). I love the IF/TA genre, always have and probably always will.

At some point soon, I may feature a few on my Youtube channel; where I cover a mish mash of different games new and old. I think IF/TAs would be neat to cover there, mostly because there's a serious lacking of it in Youtube waves. Just search for Sensei Pong or the Reading Gamer.

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To Spring Open, by Peter Berman and Yoon Ha Lee (as Two-Bit Chip)   May 14, 2015
"To say this is one of those titles that begs the player to play it more than once is a complete understatement. And to say I wasn’t..." - See the full review

Psy High, by Rebecca Slitt   January 5, 2015
"Overall, I enjoyed the game. The writing was pretty decent, game choices and direction were diverse, and characters are for the most part..." - See the full review

Galaxian, by Stacy Cowley   December 11, 2014
"...I suppose it's not bad, taking into consideration the source material. More could of been done with it, but at the same time it I'm..." - See the full review

Violet, by Jeremy Freese   December 10, 2014
"Your girlfriend you dearly love has given you an ultimatum. Write 1,000 words for your dissertation, or she's leaving you forever to go..." - See the full review