A Town with No Name

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A Town with No Name - Review, November 7, 2015
by Garrison Snow (Nope.)
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I would like to start by pointing out that if you do not wish to run a shady executable, I would not recommend this game. The virustotal results are here (It checks out):


The game itself is its own interpreter, and it runs in a console environment.

Things I like about the game:
*Apparent neat setting. The introduction paragraph is the best paragraph in the entire game.
*Cool compass rose idea that tells you directions you are heading.
*Time limit of ten minutes to beat the game.

Things I don't like about the game:
*Misspelled words like sole and soul.
*Incorrect use of grammar and punctuation.
*Undeveloped plot. (What plot?)
*Lack of commands.
*Undeveloped parser - it doesn't understand the word "the".
*Lack of descriptive text.

En Totale:
I would not recommend this game. I am not bashing the author, because I couldn't program a compass rose like that - but in order to make interactive fiction, it must actually have the fiction part, not just neat programming aspects.

To the author:
If you are going to do a re-release, then consider letting the user examine what you describe in room descriptions. Lead the user in his goal more indirectly - give him a goal to accomplish. And fix those misspelled words.

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