Crystal and Stone, Beetle and Bone

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Outstanding game, November 5, 2019
by Niprut (USA)

I've played quite a few IF games. This one is outstanding. It's immersive, intuitive, beautiful, and quite frankly, fun. At first, I was a bit thrown off by it's long, descriptive narratives, but soon realized that they are the joy of the game. Unlike many other IF adventures, where it seems to almost be a competition with one's self as to how quickly you can blow through each area, mind mapping and solving puzzles, this game does a much better job of wrapping you in it's beautifully illustrated world and guiding you on a fun New journey. It's main character and it's NPCs give you a deeper connection than what is normally found, leaving you with a more satisfied feeling than talking to let's say, "a Chuckie Cheese animatronic for 10 minutes." I had a feeling there was something different about this game after playing it for a while, then I looked up and saw the Author has become blind. Now it makes total sense to me. The lands, the characters, the story come from a bright imagination that longs to and succeeds in creating a world of vivid imagery. It's fun to close our eyes and meet her there, and to realize that for the rest of us who may yet see... How much we take for granted and how much that blinds us to all of the poetry that surrounds and fills us... If we look closely. Jenny Brennan, thank you for a great game, and we look forward to Future works of yours. BTW, I love having the option of either an evil or good ending...

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Jenny K Brennan, December 29, 2021 - Reply
Those words makes me so happy and to have created something interesting and enjoyable. Iím so glad you liked it. And finished it too. I logged in here today for the first time in quite a few years and finding such wonderful review was such a nice surprise. Even if I didnít notice for over two years. :) Thank you. Sadly, even though I have started many games, I have finished few. And that was several years ago. I hope to find motivation again one day.
JonathanCR, February 17, 2022 - Reply
I enjoyed this game too. The only reason I haven't reviewed it is that I didn't manage to complete it (or get all that far in it, I think!). I found it extremely atmospheric and memorable. So I agree with the reviewer that more would be very welcome!
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