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IF will always be close to my heart. Crystal and Stone is sadly one of few things I finished and am ridiculously happy with. However, life takes me in so many directions I've lost my way somehow. I have traansitioned to a mac and at this point - 2022 - I haven't quite managed to find how to compile inform 6 files on the Mac. Still looking though.
Inform 7, I hear you say. Oh, I have tried. I can't get with the natural language concept. Instead I have moved to learn programming in general with C++ and the natural language feels even further from how I like to organise words and functions.

As I update this little bit of about me, I realize that I do need to get my hands on a Windows laptop or something simply to create new and update existing works in a way I'm comfortable with.

Putting my current IF limbo state aside for the moment, here is what I do:
I now spend most of my days in the Reaper daw and in the Reaper blind and visually impaired community. I prowl github for interesting code. I poke around in the RWP - the Reaper without peepers mailinglist, the Reaper access whatsapp group, and help out in small ways with Osara - accessibility for Reaper when I can. It makes me feel like I'm doing something. :)
I record and produce tutorials and demos when I get a chance. I sing in a prog metal band. And I wear out computer keyboards so fast it's not even funny.

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Interactive Fiction by Jenny K Brennan

Crystal and Stone, Beetle and Bone, by Jenny Brennan (2007)
(7 ratings)

You are God! The last God and Lornedei is your only true believer. You need her to stand against the coming dark. Can you guide her? Will she follow?

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