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Life pulls me here and there and everywhere.
Vocalist, producer, passionate about accessibility, Reaper and Osara. I try to wrap my head around code like C++. I am no longer terrified by git.
I help in any way I can in the BVI Reaper comunity.
And I never stop wanting to write games in the only language I truly love besides profanity: Inform 6.

There you have it. I'm back at it with TechnoWitch Inc., a crazy tale inspired by too much pandemic new reality and a huge touch of nineties nostalgia, but hopefully funny enough to take the edge off.

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Interactive Fiction by Jenny K Brennan

Crystal and Stone, Beetle and Bone, by Jenny Brennan (2007)
(7 ratings)

You are God! The last God and Lornedei is your only true believer. You need her to stand against the coming dark. Can you guide her? Will she follow?

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