The Rye in the Dark City

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Promising start to a bakery mystery, March 16, 2023
by MathBrush
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This was a fun game, as yet unfinished (I would definitely bump up the rating once/if it gets done).

You play as a down-and-out detective who gets a last chance at making rent--a client whose beauty is so great that it overwhelms you, a beautiful baker who has been accused of a grave crime.

You have to go an investigate the 'corpse', and get to poke around the 'murder' scene and interrogate the suspect.

The animations and text styling is excellent. The interactivity, though, left something to be desired for me; for much of it, it is a 'gauntlet' style game where one option ends the game immediately and the other continues it. Undo exists everywhere except at endings, so it leads to their essentially only being one option at a time, since you have to pick the good one due to being unable to back out of bad one (unless you save every screen). This is not the case in every scene as some let you have a wide variety of interactions.

For me, the writing and characters were fresh and fun, and I'm intrigued by the mystery of the client's effect on the PC (outside of the obvious ones). Would definitely play a finished version.

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manonamora, March 16, 2023 - Reply
Thank you for the review!
[Act2] is currenting being written. There will be an update coming shortly :)
I also fixed the Undo issue when reaching the endings (and made the key board shortcuts clearer).
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