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Lighthearted ghost story, March 5, 2021
by dvs

I played this game with a few friends (over Zoom) over two evenings. We enjoyed the breezy humor and several of the puzzles. Barnaby Mooch was definitely a memorable part of the game, as were several of the rooms in the hotel. We found it distracting to switch between command mode and interaction mode.

After we solved all the puzzles we were presented with a long non-interactive outro which resolved the story plots but we were no longer engaged and were just clicking through to finish. Perhaps if that section were expanded into an epilogue with more interaction it would have more emotional impact.

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humorous and inventive, September 9, 2020
by Zed (Berkeley, CA)

Fun setting, quick moving, creative puzzles.

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Fantástica., April 17, 2020
by PablusK (Medellín)

Me pareció un historia maginifica, además de el funcionamiento de la misma. Wow.

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Flappy and fun, April 11, 2020
by eldis (UK)

I enjoyed playing this game through and found the best thing about it was the writing. The puzzles were not too hard and the challenges all manageable. The hardest thing was the transition between choice mode (e.g. 1 - do this 2 - do that) to the standard parser mode.

Overall a great story, very funny and quirky. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Lovely humour, great puzzles, excellent flow., December 27, 2019
by Stian
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This is a solid, well-polished game with lovely humour and great puzzles. Not mind-blowing, just very good. In the end I found it was rather perfectly balanced, integrating a lovely and fun story with a decent set of rather original puzzles. The flow and timing of Zozzled is particularly impressive, making it clear that this is the work of an experienced author. Of Steph’s earlier games, I have only played Brain Guzzlers from Beyond! which I found too easy, making it more of a story than a game. Zozzled, on the other hand, manages to combine story and game as well as any work of IF I have played. I’m sure it will be featured on many lists of recommended IF in the years to come.

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Classic Cherrywell with a strong dose of spirits, October 7, 2019
by MathBrush
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This game is the kind of thing Steph Cherrywell is known for: smooth humor, a large, easily navigable map, genre tropes pursued to their logical end, plenty of polish, and vivid characters.

I found this game's puzzles more logical than some other Cherrywell games, though I had trouble with one particular artist. Looking back, I ignored many, many, hints.

You play as a flapper (with all the 20's lingo) whose desperate for a drink. But it's all been soaked up by ghosts, so you have to hunt them down one by one!

I really enjoyed this game, and I think that it has a great chance of wining this year's comp.

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