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Interactive Fiction by Steph C

Chlorophyll, by Steph Cherrywell (2015)
(60 ratings)

Zozzled, by Steph Cherrywell (2019)
(47 ratings)
Hotsy-totsy! It's 1928 and you're madcap flapper Hazel Greene, tottering around the city's finest hotel with a gullet full of giggle juice...until a gaggle of ghosts shows up to spoil the fun by...

Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!, by Steph Cherrywell (2015)
(71 ratings)
You are Bonnie Noodleman, Ordinary Well-Adjusted Teen-Ager, on an ordinary well-adjusted drive up Make-Out Mountain--until some gooey monstrosity from beyond the stars guzzles your boyfriend's...

Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft, by Steph Cherrywell (2014)
(19 ratings)
The year is 1957, and the place is lush, storm-tossed Stinglash Island, just off the north coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. You are Page LeBlanc, witch in training, and you've returned for...

Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!, by Steph Cherrywell (2014)
(24 ratings)
You are Jacqueline McBean, modern woman for the Thirties and intrepid international correspondent for the Fresno Bee. The good news is that you're on your way to a plum assignment among the glitzy...

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Reviews by Steph C

Limerick Heist, by Pace Smith   November 17, 2019
"This is a standard heist plot with a soupcon of goofiness, told entirely in limericks. The limericks all scan (thank goodness, because..." - See the full review

Sugarlawn, by Mike Spivey   November 17, 2019
"This has probably the best blurb in IFComp 2019; I read it and I just had to find out what that was all about. What itís about is a..." - See the full review

Poppet, by Bitter Karella   November 17, 2019
"You are a doll, waking up in a long-abandoned house, and must solve the mystery of how you got there and why youíre awake when your child..." - See the full review

Night House, by Bitter Karella   October 18, 2019
"The author of this one is a good friend of mine and I did some playtesting for it, so I'm coming at it from the context of 1) liking the..." - See the full review

Eat Me, by Chandler Groover   October 18, 2019
"An excellent game - original idea, wonderfully grotesque and evocative writing, a highly 'voiced' parser, and creative puzzles using a..." - See the full review

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