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Infidel, by Michael Berlyn   September 30, 2022
"I remember loving this game when I played it back in the 80s. The theme is strong - the find-the-pyramid start to the game has lots of..." - See the full review

Map, by Ade McT   September 12, 2022
"There is a great short story in this game. The author creatively captures the emptiness and cottony lack of motivation in depression...." - See the full review

Andromeda Awakening - The Final Cut, by Marco Innocenti   May 23, 2022
"The author wrote this game with so much love. It shows in all the details and the slowly revealed world. I love the setting of a world..." - See the full review

The Impossible Bottle, by Linus Åkesson   March 2, 2022
"The game starts as a simple meet-the-next-goal puzzle game with a young protagonist...but we soon discovered the clever twist and kept..." - See the full review

Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling   February 12, 2022
"It was the original mainframe Zork from the 1980's which showed me that text adventures could do more than just the two word commands of..." - See the full review

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