James Bond 007: A View to a Kill

by Raymond Benson, Michael G. Wilson, and Richard Maibaum

Episode 1 of James Bond 007

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Not Much Better Than the Movie, November 10, 2014
by Daemon Pyrate ( Optional. For example, "San Diego, California," "Barcelona, Spain")

I got this game for my Mac 512k back in the day but never managed to finish it until now. Its crude parser and lack of description make it difficult, not because the puzzles are particularly good. Unless you read the manuals CAREFULLY (it uses EXAMINE CAREFULLY as a kind of puzzle *rolls eyes*) you'll miss some of the solutions, which you would not get normally (FLIP is for people, not switches).

The story isn't well told in the game at all, so if you're interested in the absurdly bad plot then I suggest you watch the movie. This one killed the James Bond flicks for me, as up to that point it was the worst one I'd ever seen. Who knew it could get worse?

There is a funny joke at the end of this game if you don't defuse the bomb before kissing the girl. It scolds you by saying, "Sean, George, or Roger wouldn't have done that!" It's the only thing amusing about it.

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