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A bit of a hit-and-miss, March 28, 2023

I liked the idea and premise of the whole thing, at first. The prose attempted to be pretty and it was, in some parts. However in other parts it was rather stale; and the disjoint between the two made for a rather jarring read. The content, in my opinion, wasn't presented or approached with enough sensitivity or nuance for this work to have accurately represented the plight and experiences of refugees, which are an important topic in today's world otherwise. This work inspired more apathy in me than the empathy it likely had set out in the first place to elicit.

I'm not sure. There wasn't much in the way of gameplay mechanics to be excited about either. The writing felt very inauthentic to me, which I can empathize with, given that I often struggle with the same thing. Perhaps this could be better with more research; or the author could've chosen a different topic to explore.

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