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Ambience - 2 items   March 22, 2023
Works that could very well be turned into ambient tracks.

Civitas - 16 items   March 17, 2023

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Darkness, by Jeff Schomay   June 5, 2023
"A game centered on the pursuit of light and finding your way out of the darkness. The interface was very smooth, and I liked the idea of..." - See the full review

Mirror, by Ondrej Odokienko and Senica Thing   April 7, 2023
""Organizer's note: This is a special entry, with four games presented as one. These games come from a classroom in Slovakia that..." - See the full review

The Mamertine, by K Vella   April 6, 2023
"The Mamertine is a Twine-ized parser game supposedly about you (the player) escaping a cult. I say "supposedly" because I barely saw any..." - See the full review

Dead Man's Hill, by Arno von Borries   April 1, 2023
"This was a dry yet thoroughly engaging exposition of the trench warfare of French-German lines at the hills of Verdun in 1916. In truth I..." - See the full review

Refugee, by Mark C. Marino   March 28, 2023
"I liked the idea and premise of the whole thing, at first. The prose attempted to be pretty and it was, in some parts. However in other..." - See the full review

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