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Linear, long comedy game about old time chivalry, automobiles, and fun, February 4, 2016

Fine-tuned is a well-polished and lengthy comedy game, in which you play two characters. The first is a strong but dim motorist, possessing an early automobile. The second is a young opera star with perfect pitch.

The game opens with a few cheerful, comedic scenes that are largely led by the hand in an entertaining way. Then the game opens up into a more free, more linear area.

I used the walkthrough by this point, and stuck with it. It seems like some parts would be quite hard to guess on your own.

This game is very well put-together and enjoyable. Recommended.

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<blank>, March 8, 2016 - Reply
Your reliance on the walkthrough for most games does blessedly give you the best experience. You have completely missed how progressively broken the game gets, which every reviewer has remarked with sadness. The general consensus is that this game is very, very good indeed, and falls short of greatness through implementation that starts off very strong and falls apart as the game progresses.

Again, you completely missed this. And you know, I rather envy you for it. :)
calindreams, May 10, 2016 - Reply
Although I thought that comments concerning the brokenness of the game referred to earlier versions and issues got fixed later.
<blank>, May 10, 2016 - Reply
Not really. It was fixed up to a point, yes, but remains broken. And even so it's STILL a lot of fun!
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