You are SpamZapper 3.1

by Leon Arnott


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Funny game about email, November 5, 2021
by Rachel Helps (Utah)
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This game had a very strong start with lots of funny spam e-mails. Some of them are even relevant to the story later on. You play as a spam plugin and there is drama between you and the other plugins. The drama seemed overblown and it dragged on quite a while. I wonder if deciding to zap or approve any emails affected the story (I suspect that they don't affect it a ton). This game could have been improved by removing Zap's commentary and letting the player do the role-playing and making connections between e-mails. (Spoiler - click to show)I think reducing the other plugins to just two other characters would have been good too, as well as deleting the far-future memories, the partial construction of Laura. The ideas were interesting, but not fully developed. The idea of copying one's self while being conscious of the other selves' suffering and distributing onesself as a virus was strong enough to give the plot a strong feeling of resolution.