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I've helped my sister write two VNs: Our Personal Space and Space to Grow. Most recently I wrote a Mormon feminine horror game. I'm interested in experimental games, games about interpersonal relationships, and games that explore anxiety.

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Interactive Fiction by Rachel Helps

Skillick's Bride, by Rachel Helps
(1 rating)

This is a Mormon feminine horror game inspired by Magpie Games's Bluebeard's Bride. You play as a newlywed to a mysterious and rich Mormon man. You decide if your (shady) husband is to be trusted...

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CHASE THE SUN, by Frankie Kavakich   November 6, 2022
"A woman is driving away from her wedding and the end of the world. I played through twice and got two very different endings. They were..." - See the full review

U.S. Route 160, by Sangita V Nuli   November 6, 2022
"You play as a woman running not only from her wedding, but also her own identity and upbringing. I played through it three times, and I..." - See the full review

The Lottery Ticket, by Anonymous   November 6, 2022
"Determining if a word is positive or negative from a blank input is a much more difficult task, computing-wise, than having the player..." - See the full review

The Absence of Miriam Lane, by Abigail Corfman   November 5, 2022
"I love the concept of this game--that a woman has lost her own identity in selfless service. The idea that we should erase our..." - See the full review

Esther's, by Brad Buchanan and Alleson Buchanan   October 1, 2022
"In this short game, you play as a mouse, with another mouse friend, who tries to communicate their brunch order to a human. There are a..." - See the full review

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