Lucid Night

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A symbolic contemplation of dreams and serenity, March 10, 2023
by MathBrush
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This is an interesting short game written in PunyInform.

It follows a rhythmic pattern of sleeping, dreaming, breathing, and waking.

It feels like a purposely simple, stripped down game with simple aesthetics and a positive overall message. Puzzles are intentionally light and the focus is on atmosphere.

I found it to be polished and smooth, and the interactivity worked well for me. While intentionally crisp and precise, I did find it descriptive overall.

However, I didnít feel an emotional connection to the overall story, even though I feel like I should have given itís nice theme. I also didnít feel like Iíd revisit it in the future.

So, a good game, but for me doesnít crack the top five of games written by this excellent and prolific author.