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the way a wound bays for the knife, November 21, 2022
by Draconis
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This one is more interactive poetry than interactive fiction: a sequence of stanzas hyperlinked together, with additional lines that show up when you click particular words. Itís a genre that I havenít seen much of before, but one that seems very well-suited to Twineís format.

Itís about gay vampire lovers, which I adore. The writing is quite nice, and the poem overall is short but sweet. It feels like itís just the length it should be.

I want to comment more on it, but unfortunately Iíve never been great at this type of criticismóI can write a lot about my feelings on different types of gameplay, but thatís not especially relevant here. So Iíll conclude by saying simply that I enjoyed it, and quoting a passage I especially liked:

only you love him the way
a wound bays for the knife
a raw socket misses the tooth
restless tongue probing
cavernous ache.