The Forgotten Tavern

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A short, fun (and wacky) comedy with light RPG elements, November 24, 2018

Trying to escape your past, in The Forgotten Tavern you turn up at a run-down tavern, out of other options. Soon you discover that there's something unusual about this particular tavern.

The proprietors, Max and Diana, give you a hammer and apron and send you through a secret portal to fight vegetables. When you defeat these vegetables you can bring them back to serve to customers. This allows Max and Diana to attract more customers, slowly upgrading the tavern (and your weapon and armor as well).

It all effectively amounts to a light RPG experience.

I found The Forgotten Tavern to be laugh-out-loud funny - one of the funniest games in IFComp 2018, in fact. Something about the whole setup, especially fighting animated vegetables (as well as the descriptions of such) struck me as hilarious. My family did as well; we had a good laugh around the dinner table one evening discussing what it would be like to do battle with large vegetables.

The tavern's continual menu changes and my character's status updates were fun. I was proud of my final title, (Spoiler - click to show)Tourism Board Chair.

The RPG aspects did come to feel a bit repetitive after a while, which eventually distracted from the comedy. But overall, I enjoyed The Forgotten Tavern.