Funicular Simulator 2021

by Tom Leather and Mary Goodden


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Meet 4 characters on a supernatural mountain, October 8, 2021
by MathBrush
Related reviews: 15-30 minutes

This is a game about riding a Funicular (basically a tram that is rope-powered instead of track-powered) up a mountain that has several special properties. It has unusual crystals all over, it emits strange radiation, and every 20 years it puts off a beautiful aurora.

On the funicular with you are 4 strangers. Each has their own joys and desires and secrets, and most of them (maybe all??) are romantic options.

The game isn't too long, but it has a major twist and then another twist in the ending.

The game explores some serious issues (drug use, infidelity, pseudo-science) and offers a lot of romance for its size.

Here's my breakdown:
+Polish: The game felt very smooth
+Descriptiveness: Getting 4 perspectives was nice
+Interactivity: I felt like I could make real choices in my conversations.
Emotional impact: It was good but I wasn't really drawn into the characters. Each contact felt a bit rushed; a 2-minute romance doesn't feel as real as a longer exposure would have.
+Would I play again? Yeah, it was interesting.