Zork Zero

by Steve Meretzky

Episode 5 of Zork
Fantasy, Zorkian

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I dunno about your reviews - I like it, January 25, 2024

Look, I get what you guys have said - but seriously, the game is not that bad (personally, at least). Puzzles are very Meretzky-style: the puzzles are funny, make little sense, but still, it followed the Zorian rule. Every Zork game has countless empty rooms (which many of you complained about) - these add to the feel of the game and *also* very Meretzky!

The classic puzzles - sure, overused, but put to good use. Towers of Hanoi (which is the only one I think didn't need to move to the left *and* the right - but they were fresh and funny.

I get what all of you are saying, but there is much to enjoy in this enormous, crazy game - and they didn't need much reliance on the original (except a little too many Flathead jokes).

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