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Multimedia file
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Jarod's Journey

by Tim Emmerich


About the Story

""Jarod!" comes the weakened call from the father's room. With a torn heart, Jarod remembers his father of old, a once great centurion. Jarod quickly runs to his father's bedside. When he kneels beside the bed, his father starts to speak.

"My son. I am proud of the responsible young man you have become. But, thinking back over my life, I can't get Golgotha out of my mind. As you know, my life was changed from witnessing that event. I'd seen so many crucified, yet he was different. He didn't resist when they drove in the spikes. His plea to Heaven was for our forgiveness, not his rescue! It is hard to believe, we were the ones killing him and he asked God to forgive us! Surely, he was the son of God!"

The father shifts in bed, weazing slightly. "I've prayed to God that you will learn about the man that I only had a glimpse of. I believe God has answered my prayer. You are to leave tomorrow on a journey of discovery to learn more about God's son, Jesus Christ."

After a fit of desperate gasping ends, the father continues. "Son, I beg you to go. Don't worry about your mother and I. But do come back as soon as your are finished. I want to hear about the journey and what you've found ... before I die."

Jarod immediately responds with "Yes, father" even though his mind is racing. It is filled with excitement, a sense of adventure, and a slight fear of the unknown." [--blurb from Competition Aught-Zero]

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Release 1.0
License: Freeware
Development System: TADS 2
Baf's Guide ID: 1134
IFID: TADS2-90CB03F242973D7FE734CFD165C9C47B
TUID: q3353tbwjbo5bami

Off-Site Reviews

>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

There's one section that I found quite ironic -- Jarod meets a pharisee who is described as "praying loudly. So loudly that everyone nearby can hear him. Even in the short time that Jarod pauses to listen, it is obvious that the man is repeating himself. Is this what pleases the Lord?" From this description, we're supposed to realize that the pharisee's method of prayer is Not OK. But only one location away is a Christian priest who fits this same exact description. Not only that, the game itself fits this description. The deep irony of the pharisee section made me suspect that not only is the game evangelical, its evangelism isn't even well thought out.
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Although reasonably well written this is Interactive Fiction only in the very loosest sense of the word.
-- Dorothy Millard
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