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Contains darkiss1_eng.z5
Zip file containing both Italian and English editions in z5 and ulx formats and Windows executable.
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Story File
New version with many corrections and improvements
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Walkthrough and map
by David Welbourn

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Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: the Awakening

by Marco Vallarino

Episode 1 of Darkiss

Web Site

About the Story

You're the nightmare from which people can't wake. Dead twice. One by the hand of your maker, the second by the fiend who drove a stake through your heart while you were sleeping defenceless in your coffin. Alive thrice, it seems, although this last one shouldn't be possible. Something happened.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: October 1, 2015
Current Version: 1
License: Creative Commons
Development System: Inform 6
Forgiveness Rating: Merciful
IFID: ZCODE-1-150927-F1B6
TUID: ozmtl3j82zwtpwxn

English translation of Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro - Capitolo 1: il risveglio, by Marco Vallarino

Off-Site Reviews

Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
IF Comp 2015: Darkiss - Chapter 1: the Awakening (Marco Vallarino)
Darkiss Chapter 1 is a puzzly parser game in which you are a vampire. You've partially recovered after an attack of vengeful villagers, but your strength is still low, and you need to gather your possessions and regain your powers before you move on. The puzzles are mostly of a fairly straightforward and traditional kind, though there were one or two outliers.
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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
IF Comp 2015 Guest Post: Lucian Smith on Darkiss
As part of Emily Short's Review the IF Comp series, I was asked to review Darkiss, by Marco Vallarino. It was a solid game, with some good writing and some good puzzles.
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Renga in Blue Interactive fiction and puzzles
IFComp 2015: Darkiss - Chapter 1: the Awakening
Darkiss - Chapter 1: the Awakening (let's agree to type Darkiss for short) is a parser game that casts you as a weakened vampire who is left for dead after many years, seeking revenge. The prose is so very, very gothic. I hope you like adjectives. It's got an appropriate puzzle spread, because the ones who attempted to kill you also left many other barriers in case the wooden stake wore off.
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IF Comp Review: Darkiss - Chapter 1: The Awakening
Darkiss is very much a game that lives or dies by its atmosphere, which luckily it has in spades. Most of the game's environments and objects get at least a paragraph of description, if not more, and while it can get pretty text-dumpy at times, the game usually reserves long text descriptions for important plot events. The writing itself is pretty good, although a little stilted (likely due to its translation from the Italian).
See the full review

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