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level9.zip *
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Application
zx.zip *
Contains Jewels of Darkness 3 - Dungeon Adventure.sna
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Application
beebgames.zip *
Contains DungeonAdventure.zip
BBC Micro version
Defaults - All Systems Application
Play online (BBC micro version)
playable online in BBC Micro emulator at The Complete BBC Games Archive
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Play online (C64 version)
Via archive.​org.
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atari8gm.zip *
This game requires an interpreter program - refer to the game's documentation for details.
Manual *
Contains jewelsod.htm
For the 'Jewels of Darkness' collection
'The Darkness Rises' novella *
Contains jewels.htm
Novella accompanying the 'Jewels of Darkness' collection, by Peter McBride
Original Level 9 clue sheet
Commented stepwise solution, by Jacob Gunness
Sols1.zip *
Contains DungeonAdventure
jgunness.zip *
* Compressed with ZIP. Free Unzip tools are available for most systems at www.info-zip.org.

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Dungeon Adventure

by Mike Austin, Nick Austin, and Pete Austin

Episode 3 of Jewels of Darkness
Cave crawl

About the Story

Complete our Middle Earth Trilogy. The Demon has been defeated and his Dark Tower cast down. But its dangerous remain, filled with hoarded treasure and magic. There are just two snags. Other creatures want the loot, as well, and many guardians remain: skeletons, carnivorous jellies, black balls etc. Even an orc or two. Success will not come easily!

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Off-Site Reviews

Although the characters are not as advanced as those in the better Infocom games (Witness, Suspect, etc), they are interesting and numerous, including an argumentative sword, a helpful dwarf, two giants, an unhappy will-o'-the-wisp and an army of orcs.
-- Inigo Surguy
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Jewels of Darkness
If it's possible, there is even more atmosphere to this third adventure. The puzzles are excellent and there are several marvellous puns in it!
-- Sue
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