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Author of the Slovenian translation of Inform 6 libraries, which can be found at:

Interested in promoting Interactive Fiction in Slovenia in order to produce Slovenian games. So far unsuccessful.

Interactive Fiction by Lipa

Zenin na begu, by Benjamin Lipovsek (2007)

A bored prince, an angry king,... and some very nice curtains. This is a short demonstration game introducing Slovenian translation of Inform 6 libraries. Anyone in Slovenia interested in writing...

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Scavenger, by Quintin Stone   March 30, 2011
"I often compare playing IF to watching a movie. It’s an activity that will occupy me for a few hours in the evening and hopefully provide..." - See the full review

Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry   November 10, 2010
"It took me quite some time to pick up this title, despite its high ratings and numerous recommendations. In fact, I think that the..." - See the full review

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Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game, by Cameron Kunzelman
Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
Planetfall, by Steve Meretzky
All Roads, by Jon Ingold
A Day for Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short

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