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I am an avid IF player, and I love a well-written game. I might try my hand at writing one someday.

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Ziege's Mansion, by Mario Cavalcanti   August 7, 2013
"Ziege’s Mansion earned three stars from me largely due to its very clean, very pretty packaging. The visual aspect of the game was neat..." - See the full review

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin   January 17, 2013
"Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina has a lot of the elements I enjoy in an IF game. It is well-written and atmospheric, and I found myself..." - See the full review

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Played Games

A Flustered Duck, by Jim Aikin
Möbius, by J.D. Clemens
Hoosegow, by Ben Collins-Sussman, Jack Welch
Lord Bellwater's Secret, by Sam Gordon
Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry

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Wish List

Eidolon, by A.D. Jansen
Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin ('Edgar O. Weyrd')
To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest
IF Whispers 5, by Chris Conley, Joey Jones, Marius Müller, Tom Blawgus
Retarded Creatures and Caverns, by John Wilson

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