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High on art, light on game, August 7, 2013
by Shadow Fox (Texas)

Ziegeís Mansion earned three stars from me largely due to its very clean, very pretty packaging. The visual aspect of the game was neat and glossy, and added significantly to the experience. The framework of the story was interesting, and the text was solidly written and well translated. The background information on the characters provided on the website gave an added a degree of depth to the story, and offered some interesting potential. Unfortunately, the game itself was a little light on substance.
It is a light game in every aspect, easy on the eyes, easy on the mind, and (almost) completely lacking in challenge. The dangers in the game can be easily avoided by paying attention to the text and using common sense, and even if you take the wrong turn itís easy to replay. I played through the whole game a few times in the space of half an hour, following all of the options and hunting for ways to die. (Spoiler - click to show)There were two.
I do think it was worth a playthrough for the artistry alone, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the storybook quality. Just donít expect too much from the content.