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A Primer On The Capture And Identification Of The Little Folk Of Myth And Legend, by Krishan Coupland   December 20, 2015
"I feel a little torn giving this three stars, but it's only because I think this is more of a diversion than a full-fledged work (indeed,..." - See the full review

Death and Dissonance, by Matthew Parsons   September 24, 2015
"Take the time to at least start each composer's story, since the author changes approach and to a certain extent the affordances with..." - See the full review

X-80 Oppenheimer, by Oliver Ashford   March 8, 2015
"That old saw "not a game" applies for once; this is a short story with continue links. Unlike other works that use this kind of..." - See the full review

The Phoenix Move, by Daniele Giardini   August 21, 2008
"If I had to categorize TPM, I would put it, like many one-move games I've played, into a class of interactive poetics, and like a poem..." - See the full review

Fail-Safe, by Jon Ingold   March 27, 2008
"What a great game. While I can imagine a straight fiction based on the same concept, this is a perfect example of a story that cries out..." - See the full review

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metrolith, by Porpentine
The Endling Archive, by Kazuki Mishima
The Moonlit Tower, by Yoon Ha Lee
Fail-Safe, by Jon Ingold
Snowblind Aces, by C.E.J. Pacian

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Birdland, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
Fivebyfivia Delenda Est, by Andrew Schultz
Father Leofwine is Dead, by Pugpup
16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds, by Abigail Corfman
Skybreak!, by William Dooling

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