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My first game I ever played, ever, was Dungeon when I was 6 years old. My life has never been the same since. 20 years later I'm still playing IF, and it's my gameplay style of choice.
I've just recently gotten up the nerve to start writing IF, and so here I am.

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Interactive Fiction by Joel Webster

Signal Error, by Joel Webster (2011)
(2 ratings)
Far out past the edges of the solar system lies a smallish chunk of rock. This is the planet Rupert, and it is a monitoring station for the Grebulons. The goal of the Grebulons is unknown, even to...

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Reviews by Joel Webster

Growing Up, by Andrew Van Deventer   September 2, 2011
"This story has a very unique perspective from other stories. I'll try not to give too much away, but like the author's blurb says - it's..." - See the full review

Adventure Time, by Derek O'Neill   July 1, 2011
"I'm not sure if this game is complete. I've tried playing it, and I get stuck after I explore a dozen rooms. Take this section for..." - See the full review

Sand-dancer, by Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard   August 17, 2010
"I just finished this game for the third time, and I continue to be amazed at Aaron Reed's IF prowess. Sand-dancer follows the path of a..." - See the full review

An Informal Time, by Anonymous   August 17, 2010
"This is quite a fun idea: The player is stuck inside inform. For the player who hasn't tried their hand at writing IF, this will no doubt..." - See the full review