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ANATIDAEPHOBIA, by Peregrine Wade   January 26, 2017
"The idea of a text game inspired by the world of Gary Larson is intriguing. It sounds silly, but this is really a very ambitious mark for..." - See the full review

Detectiveland, by Robin Johnson   January 17, 2017
"In the first scene, Detectiveland strikes a distinctive, familiar tone. A cold beam of hard-boiled cynicism, projected through a filter..." - See the full review

Stink Bug Plague, by zephyo   January 12, 2017
"Stink Bug Plague is supposed to be an educational comedy game. It's true that the initial passages and the endings are ridiculously over..." - See the full review

Torn, by Joe Chedburn   January 11, 2017
"Torn is a grindy stat-crunching slog. It's dull flavor text papered over a pile of numbers. It's "fiction" only in the sense that the..." - See the full review

Just Another Day, by Theodore "Ted" C. Lim   January 10, 2017
"As slice-of-life games go, this game has the potential to be a nice entry. Potential. The idea of simulating the complex morning routine..." - See the full review

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Chasm Simulator 9000, by hoverpope
ANATIDAEPHOBIA, by Peregrine Wade
A Dark Room, by Michael Townsend
Known Unknowns, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
Sacrifice, by Hamish McIntyre

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minor fall MAJOR LIFT, by Lady Isak Grozny
Another Color of Hope (Chapter 1), by Kristan J. Wheaton
A Fire Darkly: Chapter 1, by Louis Rakovich
A Farewell to Terra, by Ethan Burgess
City of Secrets, by Emily Short

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