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I write browser-based IF using my own Javascript engines - so far I've written the parser games Hamlet, Aunts and Butlers, Portcullis and The Xylophoniad, and parser-choice-hybrids Draculaland, Zeppelin Adventure and IFComp 2016 winner Detectiveland.

You can support my games on Patreon if you like, and receive exclusive feelies in return.

I also make theatre, music and tweets.

I'm not the Robin Johnson who wrote Alice in Wonderland.

I've also written, as far as I know, the only playable Inform 7 meta-sonnet:

Will's Study is a room. The desk is here.
A hastily handwritten note is on it.
Description is "It's from your friend Shakespeare:
'I've gone to lunch. You'll have to write the sonnet.'"
Composing is an action applying to nothing.
The quill is a thing that is in the study.
Understand "write sonnet" as composing.
Description of the quill is "Old and cruddy".
Instead of composing when the player
does not have the quill, say "You've no quill."
Instead of composing, say "And... done. 'Heya',
says Will, returning. You say, 'Hello, Will!'
Says Shakespeare, 'Thank you for the time you've taken!
You really are a pal, Sir Francis Bacon.'"

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Anthony Hope, December 21, 2015 - Reply
Is this the first ever bug report about a sonnet? I'd like to think so.

I can't get it to compile. I'm using Inform 7 build 6L38 on a Mac. When I hit "Go", I get this: "Problem. The sentence 'Instead of composing when the player has no quill' seems to contain a value 'quill' which I can't make any sense of. // Problem. You wrote 'Instead of composing when the player has no quill' , which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only 'when the player has no quill'. But this condition did not make sense, so I am unable to accept this rule. // See the manual: 7.12 > 7.12. In the presence of, and when"
Robin Johnson, December 21, 2015 - Reply
Fixed it, thank you!
Anthony Hope, December 21, 2015 - Reply
Playable here:
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